Consumer protection

The BCA Consumer Protection

At the heart of the BCA is its objective to uphold the very highest of standards for the flexible space industry by encouraging a network of excellence.

All members are therefore required to sign a Code of Conduct and Best Practice that actively demonstrates their commitment to professional and ethical conduct at all times. It sets out a clear framework of values and principles that provides comfort and transparency for everyone involved in the industry including clients and prospects.

Members must renew their commitment to the Code annually and if the BCA is notified of any breaches of the Code, it will be entitled to suspend or even terminate membership.

To introduce even greater clarity to industry end users, the BCA has launched a Consumer Charter. This outlines what consumers can expect from all parties involved in their flexible office space search and usage.

Under the Charter, internet brokers and agents are committed to providing completely independent and impartial advice which is free of charge to the user. Space providers are required to provide accurate information and the highest levels of customer service. If either party fails in their duty, the client can take the matter to the BCA which will act as adjudicator in the dispute. We hope that the Charter will enhance the whole customer experience by further developing the principles of mutual trust and openness between all parties laid out in the BCA's Code of Conduct.

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For many consumers the route to the Flexible Space Industry is via online broker companies. In 2009, the bca negotiated a Code of Conduct to ensure the highest quality of service from all registered online brokers.

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